MORTHE’s Press Release
No. 202/SP/HM/BKKP/X/2019

Jakarta – Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir stated that by the end of 2019, there has been cumulatively 137 coaching done by MORTHE to the Innovation Leading Center (PUI) institutes from 52 ministries, 28 universities, and 7 enterprises. From those numbers, 81 Main Innovation Leading Centers from various fields has been appointed.

“From these 81 mature PUI, there has to be at least 2 indicators they successfully fulfilled. The first one, the PUI should be able to produce publications and doctoral programs, and the second one would be they have to be able to produce beneficial products for the community, such as the current research in coffee and teeth implants,” said Minister Nasir in his speech on the National Meeting of the 2019 Indonesian R&D Institutions in MORTHE’s Building D Auditorium last Tuesday (1/10).

Furthermore, Minister Nasir added that the researches should be able to be down-streamed directly to the industries or facilitated to the industries through government’s mediations. Among other things, the researches should not be just the basic researches, but should be expanded into applied researches or developmental researches so it could contribute in increasing the number of innovations in the future.

“How to increase the number of innovation in the future? There is a media that should be included in this PUI program, which is the collaboration of inventors, innovators, and investors, which means there should be collaboration and coordination between them. And what should be highlighted is that researches should not just stop in publication, but should be giving positive impact in the society, both in industrial community or community in general,” he added.

Minister Nasir stated that the MORTHE’s innovation products positively contribute and the impacts have already been felt by the community. One of the innovations is the LED Light to attract fishes when the fishermen heading seaward at night.

“Jepara’s Fishermen have already felt the benefits from this LED Light innovation, the fish catches have been increased 25%. With technology, the fishermen are not fishing, but taking the fishes,” said Minister Nasir.

While the Acting Director General for Science, Technology, and Higher Education Institution Patdono Suwignjo stated that the National Meeting of the 2019 Indonesian R&D Institutions are held to strengthen the synergy and coordination between the R&D institutions and the supporting institutions, and to increase the focus of the plans and the implementation directions in the future.

“The Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education also pays attentions to the development of R&D institutions in the future so that it could be more directed into the more excellent R&D Institutions according to their job and function. And to achieve that, the coordination, synergy, and synchronization are needed among the related parties. Hence, a forum is needed to gather all the institutions with the MORTHE,” said Patdono.

Therefore, the strengthening of science and technology institutions are directed in the form of the abilities to make a real contributions in production sector competitiveness, the sustainability and utilization of natural resources, and the preparation of Indonesian communities to enter the advance and modern world globally; the availability of the factors needed such as human resources, infrastructures, science and technology institutions, networks, and financing.

The Innovation Leading Center (PUI) Development Program has been running since 2010 to increase the quality of R&D institutions as PUI absorbing the users and market needs and at the same time produce and distribute products or innovations to the users, and making the potential Leading Institutions are developed into Science Techno Park institutions. The PUI programs have been able to create positive competitive climate for the R&D institutions to increase their productivities and in the end could positively impact the academic excellence, economic benefits, and the social impact.

Also attending the event are the Secretary General Ainun Na’im, Director General for Research and Development Strengthening Muhammad Dimyati, Director of R&D Institution Kemal Prihatman, 137 R&D PUI Institutions and Universities PUI, Ministry’s R&D Agencies, Non-Ministry Government Agency (LPNK), Research and Community Service Institution (LPPM) from the Parent Institutions of University PUI, and the Expert Team of Innovation Leading Center.

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