Press Release
No. 239/SP/HM/BKKP/XI/2019

Jakarta – Minister for Research and Technology/Chairman of National Agency for Research and Innovation Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro will be strengthening the research collaboration between Indonesia and Netherlands starting from next year. It was announced on the 2019 Opening Remark of the Holland Alumni Reception in the Netherlands Embassy Jakarta, Friday (1/11).

The research partnership between the two countries has been established for almost two decades. The partnership was strengthened by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Indonesia and Netherlands on Higher Education and Sciences which was signed on 22 April 2016 in Den Haag. There were fifteen areas of partnership agreed upon, including agriculture and food, energy, water management and sanitation, transportation, logistics and infrastructure, maritime, and other areas.

As a follow-up, The 1st Indonesia-Netherlands Joint Working Group (JWG) on Higher Education and Science (HES) has been held in Jakarta on 13 February 2017, which agreed on several matters, including the identification of steps needed by both countries in preparing the quality human resources (researchers, lecturers, students) for the world, the collaboration of focused and intensive research and innovation, and the synergy in the funding to implement the bilateral partnership programs. Both Ministers expressed their supports in those matters.

Minister Bambang ensured that there will be research topics to be done by Indonesia and Netherlands, so it is expected that both countries could be actively getting involved and learning from each other.

“On June next year, there will be some sorts of collaboration between Indonesian and Dutch institutions focusing on researches. We want to encourage the research collaboration between the two,” said Minister Bambang.

He explained that the research collaboration between the two countries will involve universities and research institutions which willingly participate. The government encourage students and researchers to strengthen the researches and innovations to create startup companies as a part of the entrepreneurship spirit.

“Technology and information based startups or known as technopreneur should be created more and more in Indonesia, considering the strong competition in global startup market. This is important because professions with routine or mechanistic will be replaced by machines or computers in the future. That is why we must have something different, which will be creativity and instinct,” he continued.

In his remarks, Minister Bambang also encourage the students to learn from the shutting down of Yahoo Groups. He stated that the Yahoo Groups case could be a prove of the strong competition in digital technology world today. Yahoo had been the most popular email web provider since the 90s.

“Imagine it, one of the trending business in the 90s and also a pioneer on email and search engine, have to be shut down. This is a new rpund of competition. You have to be ready if you don’t want to lose your jobs,” he said.

Therefore, to survive the current global competition, he concluded that the students need to equip themselves with more advanced knowledge and technology. With the rapid development of technology today, changes could be happening in an instant, even on less than a year.

“It means we have to be serious and committed, having clear direction of our specializations, adaptive, and eager to learn, in order to compete,” said Minister Bambang.

Also attending the event are the Netherlands Ambassador for Indonesia Lambert Grijns, the Nuffic Nesso Director Peter van Tuijil, the Rector of Satya Wacana Christian University Neil Semuel Rupidara, and other respected guests.

Partnership and Public Communication Bureau
Ministry of Research and Technology/National Agency for Research and Innovation