The Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education, or Kemenristekdikti, expresses its deepest condolences to people in Palu and Donggala on the tragedy of earthquake and tsunami that hit the two regions. Some 1,234 people killed by the twin disasters, according to National Disaster Mitigation Agency’s (BNPB) October 2, 2018 data, which also revealed 799 people were badly injured and 99 were still missing.

Kemenristekdikti is moving quickly to coordinate humanity relief aids – from its employees, as well as agencies and higher education institutions under its coordination – for victims in Palu and Donggala. Higher education institutions and non-ministerial government agencies have abundant resources that could be useful to help post-disaster relief efforts. The ministry has managed to gather aids ranging from medical experts, psychologists, sanitation experts and experts from other backgrounds to assist aftermath management of the disasters.

Ministry data show there are 37 higher education institutions with 61,827 students in Central Sulawesi. The ministry has started to collect data on lecturers, students and university staffers that have become victims from the disasters.

Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir, has expressed his deepest concerns over the twin calamities suffered by his countrymen. Nasir has called on citizens and academics to remain alerted on aftershocks and to help each other in facing events that follow the disasters. Nasir has ensured that the central government would provide scholarships to students who survived the disasters.

Kemenristekdikti would supply the scholarships for students who are studying in Palu and Donggala, as well as students from the two towns who are pursuing education in institutions outside Central Sulawesi. Kemenristekdikti data show there are 3,530 Central Sulawesi-origin students in 35 higher education institutions across Indonesia.

“We don’t want students’ education becomes uncertain because of the disaster. We won’t allow that to happen. We would talk with rectors whether to free the students from payment or to supply scholarship,” said Nasir.

Foreign students in Central Sulawesi, coming from Vietnam, Timor Lester and Thailand, are not affected by the disasters, Tadulako University post-disaster team said.

Nasir is scheduled to depart for Palu with President Jokowi today, 3/10, to visit disaster survivors and to deliver aids from the ministry and universities. Below are details of the relief:

1. Kemenristekdikti

– Forms of aid:

  • scholarships
  • consumer goods; 500 gas canisters, 100 units of DME stoves and startup products.
  • money in cash

2. Hasanuddin University

Forms of aid:

  • Consumer goods: 1 ton of ready-to-eat meatballs produced by Maiwa Breeding Center (MBC), medications and 2.4 tons of ready-to-eat chicken nuggets
  • Team of health volunteers
  • Provide sit-in programs in Unhas for Central Sulawesi students.

3. University of Indonesia

Forms of aid:

  • consumer goods: solar cell electricity sources, portable solar-powered submersible pump, LoRa-based emergency communication technology and protable solar cell
  • Volunteers: 13 medical experts (first batch), logistic (second batch) and trauma healing and sanitation experts (batch 3)

4. University of Gorontalo

  • Consumer goods: food supplies (rice, instant noodle, bread, biscuits, milk, toddler’s food, medication, tent, clothes for adults and children, baby and women’s equipments
  • Some 47 volunteers – 15 student regiment members, 20 mountaineering club members, 12 lecturers led by head of economics department and general affairs bureau head). For the second batch UNG will deploy health experts to help survivors and provide post disaster psychological assistance, planned for Thursday.

5. Airlangga University

  • Volunteers: medical team and Airlangga Warrior floating hospital

6. Bandung Institute of Technology provides food supplies

7. Sam Ratulangi University provides medication, Rp 20.8 million in cash (distributed by Kemenristekdikti) and a medical team of four.

8. Mataram University provides medication, cash money and team of volunteers (consisting of surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, nurses)

9. Makassar State University, allows transfer credit for Tadulako University students

10. Brawijaya University provides medication, psychosocial supports, cash money and medical team

11. Yogyakarta State University provides money, volunteers and supports its Central Sulawesi students

12. Malang State University provides foods and money

13. Bogor Institute of Agriculture sends its Central Sulawesi students to return to Palu to check condition of their family members

14. Jember State Polytechnic provides foods and cash

15. LAPAN uses Pleiades satellite and LAPAN’s A2/ORARI satellite

16. BPPT launches Baruna Jaya ship that brings tents, blankets, foods, clothers, 500 gas canisters and 100 units of DME stove

17. BSN provides 39 group tents, 35 tarpaulins and 5 dome tents.