Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko installed 260 employees as Functional Officers within BRIN, online and offline, Tuesday (29/03). This inauguration is a continuation of the previous inauguration in a series of HR transfers from several Ministries and Institutions to BRIN.

Some of those who were inaugurated came from 21 Ministries/Institutions integrated with BRIN under the position of Principal Researchers or Engineers. Meanwhile, the positions under Principal Researchers or Engineer have been previously inaugurated, on 3 January and 4 March 2022.

The head of BRIN advised the installed employees to be able to contribute according to their expertise. “We hope that you, Senior Experts, will be able to contribute according to your best competencies and abilities,” said Handoko.

Especially for the newly installed employees from Institutions/Ministries, Handoko said, this is the starting point for joining the BRIN family and immediately adapt to join the team to carry out various research and innovation activities.

According to Handoko, the inauguration for the senior level is indeed a bit late considering the administrative process which involves several institutions such as the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) and the State Secretariat (Setneg). It is hoped that the remaining 29 researchers can be installed in the coming month.

Handoko gave high appreciation to the BKN and the State Secretariat who had assisted in the process of transferring employees from Ministries/Agencies to BRIN in large numbers. “I thank the BKN and the State Secretariat and the Bureau of Organization and Human Resources who have worked hard to carry out the administrative process of transferring employees to BRIN,” he added.

Composition of the newly-installed functional officials:

1 Senior Science and Technology Utilization Analyst 2
2 Junior Science and Technology Utilization Analyst 2
3 Assistant Science and Technology Utilization Analyst 1
4 Principal Researchers 236
5 Senior Researcher 2
6 Junior Researchers 2
7 Assistant Researchers 1
8 Principal Engineers 8
9 Senior Engineer 4
10 Advanced Engineering Technicians 1
11 Research Technician and Supervising Engineer 1
  Total 260