Bandung – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), through the Center for Marine and Fisheries Research, jointly with Syah Kuala University (USK) held a webinar under the theme “Facilitating the Sailing Day: Collaboration of Research and Marine Innovation in Indonesia ” which was held online on Thursday (13/01).

Facilitation of the Sailing Day is an effort to utilize BRIN’s research facilities to acquire data and/or collect specimens that need research vessels. This program is open and inclusive for researchers from BRIN and outside BRIN, lecturers, and students. “This encourages research centers to make innovation through collaboration with several parties,” said Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Head of USK’s Research and Community Service Institute in his remarks.

The Sailing Day supports multidisciplinary research to generate significant scientific findings, in particular, in revealing bio and non-biodiversity in a macro, micro and molecular scale, and its sustainable use.

Indonesia is a country which lands are mostly surrounded by seas. All this time, our marine potentials, especially in deep sea areas, are not yet optimally explored. “This marine day facilitation program is expected to produce many research results that can increase our marine potentials,” said Nugroho Dwi Hananto, BRIN’s Acting Director of Research Vessel Fleet Management.

Currently, Nugroho stated, the use of BRIN’s research vessel is open to all Indonesian researchers, through the scheme of using open access and inclusive research facilities based on competition. “This can make the use of our research vessels more effective. Let us all make use of this research facility,” explained Nugroho.

BRIN’s Acting Director of Research and Innovation Funding, Hotmatua Daulay, revealed that the program of sailing day facilitation funding this time uses a competitive and inclusive scheme for researchers throughout Indonesia, for which the candidates submit proposals to BRIN

Hotma explained that this research facilitation and funding scheme includes the Program of Sailing Research Facilitation, Expedition and Exploration Funding, Research-Based Startup Company Funding, Research Collaboration Centers, Priorities of National Research and Covid 19, as well as Facilitation of Testing Health Innovation Products.

In more detail, he said, facilitation of supporting sailing day research includes the sailing costs, accommodation and meals for researchers on board, use and services of technicians/operators of research equipment, costs for emergency situations related to the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with regulations.

Meanwhile, the costs of transportation and official travel from the place of origin to the port and vice versa, the daily or pocket money for researchers during sailing, data processing and/or specimen collection, transmission of data and/or collection of specimens from ports to laboratories outside BRIN facilities, are not included in the financing for supporting facilitation.

“After conducting research, the researchers have an obligation to store their research results in the form of specimens or research data at BRIN in accordance with applicable laws,” explained Hotma. (kg, hn/ ed: drs)