NO: 020/SP/HM/BKPUK/II/2022

The Sailing Day (HL) Facilitation is one of seven research and innovation facilitation and funding schemes launched by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The HL Facilitation activity provides an open and inclusive access for researchers/lecturers and students to take advantage of BRIN’s research vessel facilities. This activity is carried out to acquire data and/or collect specimen which requires a research vessel. Therefore, in the context of announcing the results of selection in the first batch of 2022 HL Facilitation program, and dissemination of this program to researchers/lecturers and students for use of BRIN research vessels, BRIN will hold a “WALIDASI (Webinar on Facilitation and Funding of Research and Innovation), Edition of Sailing Day Facilitation (Batch 1)”


Jakarta, 9 March 2022. BRIN has since 2021 opened seven research and innovation facilitation and funding schemes, namely: 1) Sailing Day (HL) Facilitation for years 2022 – 2024; 2) Research-Based Startup Company Funding; 3) BRIN National Research Priority Flagship (PRN) years 2022 – 2024; 4) Funding of Research on Handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19); 5) Facilitation of Research Collaboration Centers; 6) Expedition and Exploration Funding years 2022 – 2024; and 7) Facilitation of Health Innovation Product Testing.

Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, said that after the program’s launch on 21 December 2021, BRIN has since last month started to map the prospective recipients. “The selection process for this program is very competitive. The recipients of the funding facilitation for the sailing day will be announced soon,” he said. “All existing funding and facilitation schemes are not only to finance research activities for researchers at BRIN, but are also open and accessible to all parties on a competitive basis,” he added.

One of the schemes that has been opened and which selection process has been completed is the Sailing Day Facilitation (HL). The recipients of the 2022 HL Facilitation program come from 3 institutions, namely the Sumbawa University of Technology, BRIN Aeronautics and Space Research Organization, and the Bogor Institute of Agriculture.

He emphasized that the scheme for funding the sailing day specially for facilitating research activities is by utilizing the research vessel fleet managed by BRIN, especially for various marine research activities. According to him, this sailing day funding scheme is a new thing for the research community in Indonesia.

Acting Director of Research Vessel Fleet Management, Nugroho Dwi Hananto stated that the Sailing Day Facilitation activity held by BRIN gives open and inclusive access for researchers/lecturers and students to take advantage of BRIN’s Research Vessel (KR) facilities. “This activity is carried out to acquire data and/or collect specimens that require KR. BRIN KR is needed to conduct multidisciplinary research, which produces significant scientific findings in revealing biological and non-biological diversity, in a macro, micro, molecular scale, and its sustainable use,” he explained.

For information, BRIN currently manages 5 national Research Vessels, namely KR Baruna Jaya I, II, III, IV and VIII. These five vessels have research facilities that can be used to stimulate exploration and sustainable use of marine resources, especially on the coastal area of small islands, seas and oceans.