Jakarta, BRIN Public Relations. In the last five years, artificial intelligence (AI) has given enormous benefits for human’s life. This is triggered by various breakthroughs in the application of AI itself.

Principal Engineer of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Hammam Riza Jusuf emphasized that artificial intelligence is a leap in technological innovation towards the future of Indonesia.

“Those who leads AI in 2030 will lead the world until 2100. AI is an element in increasing the competitiveness of a country,” said Hammam when presenting his scientific oration, in the Open Session of the Senate of Syiah Kuala University (USK) for his Inauguration as Professor, in Banda Aceh, Monday (21/02).

The man who has been recently confirmed as a Non-Permanent Professor in the field of artificial intelligence at USK said that countries in the world are competing to control the world through AI intelligence.

He explained that AI applications are grouped into 3 types, namely machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Various countries, including Indonesia, have developed national strategies on artificial intelligence. In 2020, BRIN (formerly BPPT) together with the quad helix from various government institutions, universities – including USK, communities, and industries succeeded in formulating the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence for Indonesia 2020 – 2045.

“This formula serves as the direction of the national policy for preparedness and national planning in order to be able to optimally utilize the development of AI technology in the country,” said Hammam.

During his career in the field of AI, several studies that he carried out since starting his career in 1987 have been successfully applied, including natural language processing in machine translation and speech recognition.

He used artificial intelligence to reduce the risks of flood, forest and land fires, and innovation in artificial intelligence technology to prevent Covid-19, and health issues in general.

USK Rector, Samsul Rizal, said that all sectors, including universities, must work together to develop artificial intelligence. This study can also encourage USK to further maximize its role in preparing human resources who have competence in the field of artificial intelligence and are globally competitive.

For information, USK has opened a master’s degree program in artificial intelligence in the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences last year.

“We all hope that the contribution of Prof. Hammam as a Non-Permanent Professor or Honorary Professor at USK will facilitate this university to play its role,” said Samsul Rizal (tnt).