Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko inaugurated and took oaths/pledges of office to 5 Echelon 2 Officials, 60 Heads of Research Centers, and 11 Functional Officials within BRIN on Friday (08/04). This inauguration is a follow-up to the issuance of 12 BRIN Regulations concerning the tasks, functions, and structure of Research Organizations that have been previously stipulated.

From a number of research center leaders who have just been installed, many of them are young researchers who are competent and have qualified qualifications. This shows that the world of research and innovation is ready to make a breakthrough through fresh and innovative ideas from the younger generation.

On this occasion, the Head of BRIN reminded the newly inaugurated officials to build networks both formally and personally with relevant parties. With the inauguration of these young researchers, they are also expected to be able to build networks that can help facilitate collaboration, and break down the barriers between disciplines and tasks and functions.

“Now, heads of research centers focus only on research, while certain directors focus only on certain topics. So to be able to perform your duties and functions properly and successfully, you must coordinate, make friends and get to know each other, not only at the level of administrative formalities, but also personally. In the midst of advancement in communication technology, various tools should be used optimally to facilitate performance,” he said.

BRIN was formed with the aim of improving the research and innovation ecosystem which was not yet ideal, with the main focus of improving the quality of human resources (HR) and infrastructure. Therefore, young researchers who are now entrusted with leadership within BRIN are expected to have high motivation to become leaders in Indonesia who support innovation in the world of research. These young leaders are also encouraged to face a dynamic research ecosystem, so that they can continue to collaborate and build strategic networks with many parties.

Names of officials appointed as Echelon 2 Officials:

1. Director of Environmental, Maritime, Natural Resources and Nuclear Policy – Muhammad Abdul Kholiq
2. Director of Research and Innovation Partnership – R. Hendrian
3. Director of Technology Transfer and Audit System – Edi Hilmawan
4. Director of Research and Innovation Utilization at Ministries/Institutions, Society, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – Dadan Nugraha
5. Director of Talent Management- Raden Arthur Ario Lelono

List of Heads of Research Centers who were appointed on the same occasion:

1. Head of Food Technology and Process Research Center – Satriyo Krido Wahono
2. Head of Agroindustry Research Center – Mulyana Hadipernata
3. Head of Food Crops Research Center – Yudhistira Nugraha
4. Head of Horticulture and Plantation Research Center – Dwinita Wikan Utami
5. Head of Animal Research Center – Tri Puji Priyatno
6. Head of Appropriate Technology Research Center – Achmat Sarifudin
7. Head of Radiation Process Research Center – Irawan Sugoro
8. Head of Accelerator Technology Research Center – Muhammad Rifai
9. Head of Research Center for Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Recycling Technology – Syaiful Bakhri
10. Head of Research Center for Radiation Detection and Nuclear Analysis Technology – Abu Khalid Rivai
11. Head of Nuclear Reactor Technology Research Center – Topan Setiadipura
12. Head of Research Center for Radioisotope, Radiopharmaceuticals, and Biodosimetry Technology – Tita Puspitasari
13. Head of Research Center for Nuclear Safety, Metrology and Quality Technology – Heru Prasetio
14. Head of Geospatial Research Center – Susilo
15. Head of Climate and Atmospheric Research Center – Albertus Sulaiman
16. Head of Limnology and Water Resource Research Center – Hidayat
17. Head of Oceanographic Research Center – Udhi Eko Hernawan
18. Head of Fisheries Research Center – Fayakun Satria
19. Head of Research Center for Marine and Inland Water Resource Conservation – Arif Wibowo
20. Head of Advanced Materials Research Center – Wahyu Bambang Widayatno
21. Head of Mining Technology Research Center – Anggoro Tri Mursito
22. Head of Quantum Physics Research Center – Ahmad Ridwan Tresna Nugraha
23. Head of Advanced Chemical Research Center – Yenny Meiliana
24. Head of Polymer Technology Research Center – Joddy Arya Laksmono
25. Head of Electronic Research Center – Yusuf Nur Wijayanto
26 Head of Data and Information Science Research Center – Esa Prakasa
27. Head of Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity – Anto Satriyo Nugroho
28. Head of Research Center for Process and Manufacturing Industry Technology – Hens Saputra
29. Head of Structural Strength Technology Research Center – Mahfudz Al Huda
30. Head of Energy Conversion and Conservation Research Center – Cuk Supriyadi Ali Nandar
31. Head of Transportation Technology Research Center – Aam Muharam
32. Head of Hydrodynamic Technology Research Center – Widjo Kongko
33. Head of Testing and Standard Technology Research Center – Nur Tjahyo Eka Darmayanti
34. Head of Research Center for Sustainable Production System and Life Cycle Assessment – ​​Nugroho Adi Sasongko
35. Head of Genetic Engineering Research Center – Ratih Asmana Ningrum
36. Head of Biosystematics and Evolution Research Center – Bayu Adjie
37. Head of Ecology and Ethnobiology Research Center – Anang Setiawan Achmadi
38. Head of Applied Microbiology Research Center – Ahmad Fathoni
39. Head of Biomass and Bioproducts Research Center – Akbar Hanif Dawam
40. Head of Environmental and Clean Technology Research Center – Sasa Sofyan Munawar
41. Head of Research Center for Plant Conversion, Botanical Gardens and Forests – Andes Hamuraby Rozak
42. Head of Research Center for Environmental Archaeology, Maritime and Sustainable Culture– ​​Marlon Nicolay Ramon Ririmasse
43. Head of Archaeological Research Center – Sofwan Noerwidi
44. Head of Language and Literature Preservation Research Center – Katubi
45. Head of Manuscripts, Literature and Oral Traditions Research Center – Sastri Sunarti
46. ​​Head of Religious and Civilization Treasures Research Center – Wuri Handoko
47. Head of Domestic Government Research Center – ​​Mardyanto Wahyu Tryatmoko
48. Head of Public Policy Research Center – Yanuar Farida Wismayanti
49. Head of Social Welfare, Village and Connectivity Research Center – M. Alie Humaedi
50. Head of Macroeconomic and Financial Research Center – Zamroni
51. Head of Research Center for Cooperatives, Corporations and People’s Economy – Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana
52. Head of Behavioral and Circular Economic Research Center – Umi Karomah Yaumidin
53. Head of Community and Cultural Research Center – Lilis Mulyani
54. Head of Population Research Center – Nawawi
55. Head of Legal Research Center – Laely Nurhidayah
56. Head of Religion and Belief Research Center – Aji Sofanudin
57. Head of Space Research Center – Emanuel Sungging Mumpuni
58. Head of Aviation Technology Research Center – Fadilah Hasim
59. Head of Satellite Technology Research Center – Wahyudi Hasbi
60. Head of Rocket Technology Research Center – Arif Nur Hakim

Meanwhile, the functional officials who were also installed consist of Science and Technology Utilization Analysts, Scientific Data Analysts, Scientific Publishing Administrator and Researchers. In the near future, the Head of BRIN said that an orientation will be held for all heads of research centers, both definitive and acting officials, to ensure that all have the same perception and understand the new business processes, as well as test the implementation of modern, digital, and efficient governance, based on technology while maintaining human relationships. (aps)