Minister for research, technology and higher education Mohamad Nasir opened on February 21 the launching of the 24th commemoration of the national technology awakening day (Hakteknas) in Puputan Margarana field, Denpasar Bali. The event was attended by around 50,000 students from Balinese higher education bodies. Bali governor I Wayan Koster also joined Nasir in opening the event.

It would be only the third time a Haktenas event be held outside Java, following Riau in 2018 and Makassar in 2017. The government chose Bali to hold the occasion because of its tourism potentials, culture, creative industry, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, researchers and innovators. All of them have been considered to be in international level. Those attributes are in line with the event’s theme of 4.0 creative industry development to support local competitiveness.

“Mr President has said that local innovation must be boosted, therefore we decided to hold a Hakteknas commemoration outside Jakarta,” said Nasir.

The theme of the event is “science and technology in the 4.0 creative economy.” The sub-theme, meanwhile, is “4.0 creative industry for the autonomy and competitiveness of the nation” and the tagline is “Innovation, Build the Nation.”

The Hakteknas commemoration itself will be held on August 8, different from in the previous years when the event was held on every August 10. The decision was made because the Idul Adha holy day will fall on August 11 this year.

At the February 21 event, Nasir said that Indonesian higher education institutions had to develop research and innovation in line with the needs of the industry and the society.

Koster, the Bali governor, said he welcomed the upcoming Hakteknas event. He said Bali administration is set to commence incubator programs for start-up companies in the vacation island in 2020. The programs are targeting Balinese youths.

The August event will consist of, among others, a health walk, talk shows, a welcome dinner and an exhibition.

The February 21 event was also joined by ministry officials, Bali administration officials and other invited guests.