MORTHE Press Release
No. 184/SP/HM/BKKP/IX/2019

Jakarta – Hundreds of tech startups innovators under Technology-Based Startup Program (PPBT), Promising Technology-Based Startup Program (CPPBT), and Industrial Innovation from Director General for Innovation Development, MORTHE, will be actively participating in the Indonesian Innovator for Innovation Expo (I3E) that will be held in the Hall B of Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan from Thursday to Sunday, 3-6 October 2019.

Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir stated that the 2019 I3E will connect inventors, change agents or innovators, capital owners ke inventors, and public communities. The 2019 I3E will be enlivened with the newest innovation products from 396 tech startups in 2019 and the total of 1.307 startups under MORTHE guidance for yhe past five years (2014-2019). These 396 startups are perceived to be able to produce ready-to-use innovation products that can be used by individuals and industries.

“It’s called Inventor-Innovator-Investor Collaboration, so it will be the collaboration between them. In this I3E we will facilitate the business gathering or match-making meeting. From these kinds of meeting we are expecting the interests built from the investors. If the question occurs such as ‘is there anyone interested?’ there will be investors expressing their interests, like yesterday an investor said ‘Mr. Minister, I’m interested to that product’ after only seeing the brochure, all the more when they see the products later,” said Minister of RTHE while smiling on the 2019 I3E Press Conference in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta last Tuesday (10/9).

For the past five years, MORTHE has guided 1.307 tenants, including 749 startup tenants from PPBT, 558 promising startup tenants from CPPBT, and 15 Industrial Innovation tenants, all managed by MORTHE’s Directorate General for Innovation Development. The Minister of RTHE targeted 10% increase each year from the tenants from the promising startups from CPPBT becoming mature tech startups in PPBT.

“There are 548 tenants in the Promising Technology-Based Startup Program (CPPBT). From those conditions, we’re expecting them to be part of Technology-Based Startup Program (PPBT). I believe if we could reach the 10% increase from those 550, it would be very great. Usually, only 5% from CPPBT are becoming PPBT, but I targeted 10%. It would be around 50-60 PPBT. That could be achieved because MORTHE also tutors and guides the CPPBT to be PPBT. So the 548 CPPBT would be strictly selected and guided through consultation to be PPBT,” said Minister Nasir.

From 1.307 tenants (period of 2014-2019), there are 13 mature tenants with more than 1 billions Rupiah of turnover per year. Seventeen (17) tenants are developed with 500 millions to 1 billion Rupiah of turnover per year, as well as 79 tenants with 100 to 500 millions Rupiah of turnover per year. Five big provinces with most tenants include West Java (56 tenants), Yogyakarta (39 tenants), Central Java (35 tenants), East Java (34 tenants), and Greater Jakarta Area (15 tenants). MORTHE’s Directorate General for Innovation Development as the program implementer of PPBT, CPPBT, and Industrial Innovation declared that in the year of 2020 it will be an equal distribution of tenants around Indonesia, and it is expected that it would also be an increase of the number of tenants from outside Java.

“We have already pushed the affirmation for CPPBT and/or PPBT, and special assignments on certain regions based on the characteristics and human resources. In Java, it’s already known that the quality of the human resources are already high and the universities are already great. But I still believe that the quality of human resources outside Java can also positively compete with the tenants from Java, but we will make the affirmation program first, around 50% for tenants from Java, 50% will still be given to tenants from Java,” said the Director General for Innovation Development Jumain Appe in the same occasion.

Also attending the event are the Director for Technology-Based Startup Program Retno Sumekar along with the media colleagues and friends of MORTHE.

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