Researcher(s) from other countries are welcome to carry out research in Indonesia. In accordance with the Indonesian regulation (Govt. Regulation no. 41/ 2006), all foreign researchers doing research activities in Indonesia must obtain an official permit from the Indonesian authority in advanced.
In order to improve our service and support foreign researchers working with Indonesian counterparts, Indonesia Ministry of Research and Technology has launched a full-online system through this site ( for all required procedures. All procedures and communication have to be done online, including the application form, uploading all necessary documents and the later reports as well. The Secretariat of Foreign Research Permit will take care all procedures required to obtain an official permit and subsequent stuff thereafter.

Procedure :

  1. Online application : Complete the online application form. Once the form is sent, the applicant is provided with a unique user ID and initial password. Keep these information securely.
  2. Confirmation of application : Relogin to your personal page using the user ID and password, and confirm your application. If you wish, you can also change the password (recommended at your first login to keep your privacy and data secure).
  3. Uploading the required documents : Upload the electronic files, and the scanned ones for the copy of passport, recommendation letters, photographs, etc.
  4. Pre-approval : Once all required documents are completed, the application will be passed to the Coordinating Team for the Approval of Foreign Research Permit (TKPIPA) for reviewing process.
  5. Reviewing process
  6. Final approval : Once the application is approved by the TKPIPA, you will be noticed to collect your research Visa at the Indonesian Embassy or Representatives in your Home Country or other country as requested. The official permit (Letter and Card of Research Permit) will be available for the applicant AFTER the arrival and reporting to the Secretariat of Foreign Research Permit office in Jakarta.

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